First week


Definitely not very good at posting on time, a belated Happy New Year everyone. :)


My first blog post in a week. Gosh, so much has happened. I should probably divide this into 3 or so different blog post.

Anyhow… so going on where I left off, for the rest of my first week, I followed the English teacher (Jessica) around to her classes. It was a Thursday so these were her classes*; 3-1, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 5-3, 4-3 and 5-2. Though I just sat at the back of the classroom and watched her teach the kids. Some of the classes were more, hm, ‘upbeat’ than others and I developed a real affinity for a few of them. The little ones are just adorable; silly grins, big smiles and loud cheery voices or just loud voices period. :D Walking into some of the older classrooms made me feel a little odd but that might have been a result of me being rather tired by the end of the day.


(A lollipop for a job well done; playing the recorder. : ) )OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

(He kept turning around so I thought I’d humour him. : ) )

The school provides lunch and one of the teachers brought me pearl milk tea. We have it in Aus but it’s a Taiwanese drink, I think I might be developing an addiction. :D


*The first number represents the year group and the second number represents which class, eg. Class 1, 2, 3 or 4.


Lunch on the second day

I’ve been rather remiss in working on the blog and adding stuff… but this was the second post I wrote. I have been so busy coming up with my first lesson plan and then tweaking it to make it work better. Counting today I’ve taught three classes but more about that later. (Oh by the way, any Shan Ding Elementary students reading my blog, don’t take my English as something to follow or refer to because I’m being very informal. : )


Starting my second blog post because blog posts shouldn’t be too long… strictly speaking… Anyhow, so going from where I left off, Gill took me shopping the next day. We had lunch first at this Japanese place; it was the first time for her too. Apparently the Japanese food is made with “Tawainese influence” to cater to the tastes of the Taiwanese people. They cook the dishes at the table where you’re seated, which is really cool… it didn’t occur to me to video the making of the first dish, which was what I ordered; curry rice. :D hehe, it was a bit like risotto too, but it was delicious, hands down 10 points for yummy-ness. :) The next dish was pancake but not exactly pancake, it had veges and other things inside. It was sort of pre-made in the kitchen and then brought to us. It was good, but I thought the flavour got too strong after a while, like eating chocolate to the point that you’ve had enough. After that we had desert. It was cooked at the table so I videoed



(my lovely host family :) )


Depeartment store bathroom sinks. Their not designed that way in Aus. Well I’ve only seen it once.

We went shopping after that and Gill insisted on paying for me and reasoned that they were Christmas presents. Very sweet of her. : ) We dropped by Shan Ding Elementary School on our way back and I met RuRu and some of the other teachers. RuRu organises the curriculum for the school but she’s also a teacher and she teaches Drama, but apparently in Taiwan if you teach the Arts you have to teach Drama, Visual arts and Music as a combined course… Also in Taiwan schools, administrative duties and teaching are combined so they don’t actually have an admin staff; some of the teachers just double up (and their very lovely teachers ^^).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

From the left: Lin laoshi*, Zhang laoshi and Amanda.

I met the principle and RuRu walked me around the school. They actually have quite a few music rooms equipped differently, but they don’t have keyboards! Which makes me a little worried because I planned lessons for keyboards but I’ll see what I can do, flexibility is a skill right. ^^ (I hope)


*laoshi: teacher. In Chinese it’s customary to say it that way; [surname] [laoshi].


Hello Taiwan

I wrote this blog post on Wednesday but hadn’t been able to post it until today.


It’s 2.05pm Taiwan time at the moment so 5.05pm Sydney time – sitting in the school Academic office trying to come up with a suitable post for this blog. So I think the keyword is “trying”. I’m not saying anything of worth right now and the words flow onto the page. I guess that’s the beauty of personal blogging, it’s mostly about one’s inner ramblings. : )

So… I arrived in Taiwan 2 days ago. Flew in from Sydney via a 1hr 30min stop in Hong Kong and dreamt about the day travel around the world will only take 2 hours because I get serious motion sickness. Was this close to throwing up: imagine the thumb and forefinger almost squelched together.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Taiwanese currency, Aus:Taiwan ratio: 1:30 approx.)

Gill and Frank (my home-stay family : ) ) met me at the airport along with Amber (Aiesec* buddy). We got introduced to each other, I exchanged currencies and Frank said he’d lend me a spare sim card so I didn’t have to buy one. ^^ Amber left after we chatted a little and I went home with Gill and Frank. They are very lovely people. : ) They gave me the whole 4th floor which has a piano. ^^

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(My home-stay family’s piano. : ) I was playing around with the effects of my new camera that my friends brought me. ^^)

Taiwan housing is really different to Australia, we have a lot of space but that’s not the case in Taiwan. So everything is crammed upwards. You could seriously get a mini-exercise routine started just by going up and down the stairs. Imagine a tower and spirally stairs but minus the romanticism. :) Gill runs an English tutoring centre, though they call it “cram school” here. I was introduced to Patrick and Ryan, my home-stay brothers(?) and in the two days I’ve known them I know that they both play the piano, Ryan has started learning the electric guitar and has a preference for rock music which makes two of us. :)

*Aiesec is a global organisation that provides these interning/volunteering experiences overseas. It’s run by students for students. -> Join. :D



Welcome to my blog.

The school set it up for me which is great and basically I get to blog about anything and everything for the next 6 weeks. I’m from Australia but I consider myself ABC (Australian born Chinese). I’m volunteering at the school and I get to teach the students a course of my own design. : )

 Hmm, I don’t think I’ve left anything out… So here’s a few photos of my home in Sydney just because my mum* was having fun with my new camera. : )


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(my piano : ) It looks black from here but it’s a lovely polished shade of burgundy.)


*mum is the British form. (Australians writes things in British English but Taiwan seems to follow the American way of writing English).